The building is located at 401 and Dixie. Minutes from the best restaurants in the area,as well as Montana’s BBQ & Bar, Kelsey's Original Roadhouse, Made in Japan, Teriyaki Experience, as well as many gyms,hotels,spas and courthouses.No cost parking.

Dixie Law Chambers Inc. 5800 Ambler Drive Mississauga,ON

For those who work in the legal industry as independent lawyers, paralegals and small firms, sharing an office space is often a good way to operate a practice without the high fees, meet clients and build your network.

Sharing an office space and administrative staff with other legal professionals allows for cost effectiveness and time efficiency.
Additionally, professionals can share their collective experience to advance their businesses and careers. Minutes from the 401, Hotels,Gyms,Spa's, Restaurants and Courthouses.

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