401 Dixie Law Chambers Grand Opening

For Immediate Release

Law Chamber Set to Call 401 and Dixie Home

The 401 and Dixie landscape is changing with the addition of a new law chamber and community workspace for lawyers,paralegals and small firms.

The Law Chambers will open the space at 5800 Ambler Drive, Mississauga ON. on Nov. 19, 2018. Minutes from the best restaurants in the area,as well as Montana’s BBQ & Bar, Kelsey’s Original Roadhouse, Made in Japan, Teriyaki Experience, as well as
many gyms,hotels,spas and courthouses. No cost parking. Lawyers and Paralegals will share space with others’ without sacrificing a big piece of their budget to pay for that space.
Executive Director Kevin Hodge said the space would provide more than just a place to work.

Not only will this be the home to lawyers,paralegals and small firms, but we’ll also provide referral programs for these organizations, in keeping with our original mission,Hodge said. We’ll bring in industry experts, and the organizations will have access to our staff’s expertise. We will create an overall community of collaboration.

The Law Chambers will be work-ready when a legal professional steps in the door. They’ll be assigned a space, have access to wifi, printers and office supplies as well as phone service and a permanent address to receive mail. Organizations can also have a business address and professional reception services.

The law chambers offers private offices,workstations, meeting rooms and desks that can be rented on a day-to-day basis. The space will also be available to lawyers and paralegals who require copy and print drop in services.
The state-of-the art event center will accommodate up to 50 people. Plus there are meeting rooms and a fully equipped, 12-person boardroom available to organizations.

For more information about 401 Dixie Law Chambers and information about reserving a space, visit 401dixielawchambers.com. You can also find us on instagram at@401dixielawchambers.

About 401 Dixie Law Chambers
401 Dixie Law Chambers is a full-service space that was specifically designed and created for lawyers and paralegals. With spacious private offices, workstations, boardrooms and a variety of administrative and support services, this is the ideal location for a legal practice.

Kevin Hodge
401 Dixie Law Chambers, Executive Director
(800) 853-0745
info@401dixielawchambers.com Dalvin Cook Jersey

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